Techthane Polyurea / Polyurethane Elastomers

  Fly ash truck bed with Techthane lining for abrasion resistance, release Clarifier with Techthane batch-mix elastomer spray lining for containment, abrasion Hydrosizer with Techthane elastomer spray lining for slurry abrasion prevention Vibrating screen with Techthane coating for abrasion resistance Froth flotation cells with Techthane lining for abrasion, corrosion prevention Cast urethane prepolymers Inflatable raft with Techthane batch-mix aliphatic coating for abrasion, leak, UV protection


TECHTHANE 685: High performance batch-mix polyurea elastomer lining applied with standard airless spray equipment

TECHTHANE 180: 100% solids polyurea with unmatched fine particle abrasion resistance

TECHTHANE Mid-grade Prepolymers: TDI ethers offering excellent price:performance ratio

TECHTHANE ES-125: 60A polycaprolactone prepolymer


TECHTHANE 280 fast-set spray elastomer 10X more abrasion resistant than steel introduced


Technical Urethanes is a 30-year manufacturer of unique, ultra-high performance polyurethane / polyurea spray elastomer linings, polyurethane prepolymers, adhesion primers, and related products.

TECHTHANE® spray polyurea elastomers are different than 99% of the market, and are known for their very high mechanical properties, very high abrasion resistance, excellent weathering resistance, smooth shiny finish, and reliable application.

TECHTHANE polyureas are available in batch-mix airless spray as well as high and low pressure plural component airless spray.

Spray Elastomers
- Batch-mix & Plural Component

Urethane Prepolymers - TDI, MDI, H12MDI, IPDI, TMXDI

Trowelable, Pourable, & Brushable Elastomers - For repairs, small jobs

Adhesion Primers
- For Metal, Concrete, Elastomers, Fiberglass, Rubber

Misc. Support Products - Release Agents, Build Agents, Pigments

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